At TLW Dance many students have had fantastic achievements over the years. Students who show talent are positively encouraged to audition for outside courses at some of the top dance schools in the country with some students attending renowned courses worldwide. Students are encouraged to attend Summer Schools and Workshops both inside and outside of TLW Dance so that they can gain experience and benefit from other teachers and their expertise.

Read about some of the most recent TLW Dance students achievements who have had wonderful success in the dance world over the past year.
Gabrielle Bach
Gabrielle at the age of 8, has successfully auditioned for both Ballet Boost and
Elmhurst Junior Associates. Gabrielle shall be starting her training with Ballet Boost in September 2018. Before this Gabrielle shall is playing one of the lead roles in our production The Book Of Legands of Alice.  Gabrielle also holds the record at TLW for the highest score for a RAD Classical ballet exam with 94%.
Felicity Fitton
Felicity successfully auditioned for The Royal Ballet Junior Associates, Elmhurst Associates as well as Ballet Boost associates at the age of 10 years old.
She will be joining the Royal Ballet Schools prestigious associate programme in September 2018.
Lara Mellum
Lara has successfully auditioned for Mid Associates at Ballet Boost at the age of 10. The panel were so impressed with Lara during her audition she was asked on the day to attend both their southern branch
and their London branch. Lara also passed her RAD Grade 4 exam with a massive 85% after studying it for only a term and a
Harry Phillips
Harry sucessfully auditioned for the Tap Attack Associates programme in March 2018 after just turning 8 years old. Harry started his monthly training in Swindon as part of the Mini Associates in May 2018. and has already danced with Tap Attack at their Soiree in May and as a part of their 10 year Gala performance in October in 2018 with his fellow mini associates and featured alongside their company dancers in both the opening sequence and finale.
Daisy Osborne
Daisy at the age of 8 auditioned for Tap Attack Associates programme  and was succesful in gaining a place in the Mini Associates. Daisy started her monthly training in Swindon in May 2018 and has already had the opportunity to perform with Tap Attack at their Soiree in May and  danced alongside the Mini's at their 10 year Gala Performance in October 2018.

Anna Ovenden
Anna at the age of 11 has had an extraordinary year and a half since
she played Clara in our full length version of The Nutcracker. Soon after she was invited to attend the Royal Ballet School’s summer school she successfully auditioned for the Royal Ballet School’s Junior
Associates. This year Anna was invited to the final for White Lodge, and offered a place on the Royal Ballet School’s prestigious mid-associate programme which she shall commence in September 2018.
Joshua Liddington
Josh auditioned and was successful in gaining a place on the prestigious Royal Ballet Junior Associate course in 2015. Josh currently attends weekly classes every Saturday with the Royal Ballet School. In 2018 Josh sucessfully auditioned for a place on their full time course and begins his training in September 2018
Annabelle Austin
Annabelle auditioned and was accepted on to the Royal Ballet Junior Associate course in 2016. In 2017 Annabelle re-auditioned for the mid-associate programme and was accepted to start on this programme in September 2017.