TLW shall be offering NEW Musical Theatre and Acting classes from September 2018.

Musical Theatre classes allow students to study the three disciplines of singing, dancing and acting. In each subject they will learn new skills that will help them improve in confidence as well as an overall performer. In singing they will learn vocal techniques including harmonies, acting will involve improvisation and learning scenes, and finally dance will cover a variety of styles, enabling them to become the complete performer. Students will work towards putting the three areas together and creating scenes from their favourite musicals.

Following the internationally renowned LAMDA syllabus students will learn and explore valuable skills not only for performing but for life! All sessions are led in a creative environment with emphasis on developing skills and supporting our fellow performers. Modules include: theatre terminology, improvisation and text. All students will work towards individual LAMDA qualifications, with additional support where required.

JUNIORS – Imagination!
A fun, informative class introducing the students to the world of acting. We will be exploring how to communicate using the body and voice in a range of styles, and how to successfully inhabit a character.

INTERMEDIATES – Seen and heard!
Designed to develop core skills, this class will explore vocal and physical characterisation. Through improvisation and text, performers will learn about listening and responding truthfully in the ‘given circumstances’.

SENIORS – From Page to Stage!
Following a more in-depth study of performance, students will learn about key practitioners and their methods. This class will explore the emotional connection to text and how to fully develop a character. This class will also explore ‘acting for the camera’.